Q: Who inspired the creation of Majestic Oaks?
A: Inspired by many residents in the Owatonna area, Majestic Oaks is the collaborative vision of a diverse group of people with many disciplines tied to the home building industry. Tired of seeing many developments with similar looking home designs that are packed together on small sites with little room to grow, they set out to create a neighborhood that features unique home designs, on irregular shaped lots with spacious yards for hours of family enjoyment. Through their efforts REO Development was founded and the beginning steps of creating Majestic Oaks was underway.

Q: How many home sites are available at Majestic Oaks?
A: The preliminary planned unit development of Majestic Oaks currently consists of 4 phases and roughly 166 home sites.  Phase 1 and phase 2 of Majestic Oaks includes 68 single-family home sites and 22 town home sites.

Q:What is the Architectural Review Committee?A: The purpose and function of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is to create an aesthetically pleasing community to protect property values.  The ARC criteria and guidelines are contained and provided for within the "Covenants of Majestic Oaks". The Covenants provide a more detailed interpretation and clarification of some aspects of the architectural requirements. In the end, our ARC is responsible for reviewing plans and home design to make sure they meet the desired guidelines of Majestic Oaks.

Q: Are there covenants for the neighborhood?
A: Yes, we have created covenants for Majestic Oaks to serve as a guide to create and preserve an aesthetically pleasing residential community. Majestic Oaks has adopted architectural guidelines for the neighborhood that assures unique architectural home designs for the Owatonna area. Homes erected must be in harmony with the residence with respect to workmanship, materials and external design. Majestic Oaks is not mandating that buyers build a specific type of house. You will choose a style that fits your dreams and then design exterior elements that reflect that style. Our covenants incorporate the whole house design rather than stage front facades indicating interest on the front of the home only and forgetting about the sides and rear.
Click HERE to learn more about our covenants

.Q: Is there a Homeowner's Association at Majestic Oaks?
A: No. Currently there is no homeowner’s association planned for Majestic Oaks.

Q: Are there sidewalks and boulevard trees in the neighborhood?
A: Majestic Oaks is pedestrian-friendly. There are sidewalks on both sides of every street throughout the neighborhood. Majestic Oaks will be planting trees at various locations throughout the neighborhood to help give it that picturesque residential neighborhood feel.

Q: Will there be streetlights in the neighborhood?
A: There will be streetlights appropriately placed throughout the community. They are a charming, lantern-style, keeping in sync with the desired look and feel throughout the whole neighborhood.

Q: Can I bring in my own builder?
A: Yes. However, we do recommend that you verify the builder is capable of building the quality of home that is needed to meet our neighborhood covenants.

Q: Can I buy the single-family home site now and build on it in a year or so?
A: You can reserve a single-family home site in Majestic Oaks by placing a 10% deposit with REO Development. You then have 30 days to close on your site. From that point you have a “reasonable” amount of time before you need to start building your new home. So what is a “reasonable” amount of time? We understand that some people may be searching for that right place to build, but may not be ready to build quite yet. We only ask that you maintain the appearance of your lot so it meets our neighbor covenants. This may mean that you may need to plant grass and maintain a lawn if the area surrounding your lot is developed.

Q: Can I build a fence on my property?
A: Sure. The fence just has to be approved through our Architectural Review Committee prior to constructing it. The ARC will be looking for the fence to accent the architectural style of your home. For example, if you have a Colonial feel to your exterior, you would probably have a fence that is a picket design. Or, if your home is more of an Arts & Crafts style, you may consider column posts to match the front porch columns and wrought iron fencing between, topped with finials. No chain link fence will be allowed. We just want you to keep in mind what your neighbors and guests are viewing from their home or the street, and to assure that the whole picture is visually appealing. Learn more about our Covenants.

Q: Are there landscape requirements?
A: Yes. In order to keep the visual image Majestic Oaks has established, every homeowner needs to contribute to the street landscape. We do recommend that, if conditions allow, you landscape the front of your home prior to laying sod. Furthermore you are required to plant two hardwood trees, a minimum of 2 inches in diameter either in the front or on either side of your home.

Q: Are there minimum size requirements for homes?
A: Yes, to help protect your investment we have established minimum size requirements for homes built in Majestic Oaks. Since there are a variety of different home styles one can chose to build, please refer to our covenants for additional information.

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